Cramer-Klett-Platz in Gustavsburg
Visit the unique river and water meadow landscape as well as the industrial monuments

Ginsheim-Gustavsburg at the confluence of the Rhine and Main

The town of Ginsheim-Gustavsburg (16,500 inhabitants) is conveniently located on the rivers Rhine and Main, directly opposite the city of Mainz. Inter-regional cycle-track routes and footpaths make sure that every year numerous visitors from the Rhine-Main area and other regions come to the town at the apex of the Main. They enjoy the special atmosphere of a unique river landscape.

Already since the nineteen-fifties there has been a ferry link all year round from the Old Rhine Embankment in Ginsheim to the Old Rhine Island Nonnenau. The island invites visitors to take pleasant strolls and to make a stop for refreshment at the “Hofgut Langenau”.

In the Ginsheim part of the town, the historic Rhine crane, the Protestant baroque church located directly by the Old Rhine and various half-timbered houses are particularly worth seeing. In the museum of local history (Heimatmuseum) visitors can also find out about the history of the town. The reconstruction of a historic Rhine ship-mill has been open to visitors since 2011.

In Gustavsburg, among other things there is a workers’ housing estate listed as a protected monument, Cramer-Klett-Platz. Castle Park (Burgpark) with replicas of the old Swedish fortress is part of the Rhine-Main Regional Park. At the apex of the Main, at the confluence of the Rhine and Main, visitors are offered a splendid panorama view of the silhouette of the city of Mainz.

Thanks to the well-developed club life in the town, there is a wide range of  leisure activities available in both parts of the town. The annual public festivals – the Old Rhine Festival in Ginsheim and the Castle Festival in Gustavsburg – are high spots in the town’s extensive calendar of events.


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